25 comments on “WSOP 2008 Main Event Ep 5 – Day 2a part 1 (4/5)
  1. Hear about referral codes? Me never until one week ago I made big cash from it with no sweat atall. Just entered the code FILM with FulltiltPoker and got $600 ! Poker was a challenge for me but now I play good cause was easy to

  2. @kolet8726
    Rofl.. lets play tomorrow my FTP ID is zergress8119 😀

    And yep
    I found out on Full Tilts official blog recently you can currently register a account on their site and use the bonus code AMERICAS except you can’t currently have an account with them.I think it is the preferred way if your a new player to start playing.. Make a deposit and they DOUBLE it plus a couple other nice perks. Sucks but its only gonna work for the first 3500 people that create an account using this

  3. Silvio Formica is one of the funniest guys ive ever seen playin poker jajaja….”How does it feel to have the greatest player in the world on your camera?”

  4. Phillips is the epitome of trailer trash. Seriously, who wears a wife beater to the wsop?

    I love Norman Chad’s question, “You’re engaged to Chad Brown… Did you lose a bet?” LOL

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